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Altar Your Plans And Meet the Neighbors

On Monday, October 14th the St. Sarkis Ladies’ Guild sponsored a tour of Altar Road to meet our neighbors! Over 30 parishioners and friends met at St. Sarkis where the tour started. Father Hrant Kevorkian presented an explanation of St Sarkis Church’s beautiful icons and design of the church. The group traveled to the Islamic Center of America and learned about Muslim culture and customs before having a tour of the enormous mosque. The attendees were treated to a delicious array of traditional Arabic pastries and coffee. Next was St. Clement Orthodox Church with its magnificent icons and domed church, Father Anthony presented the history of the church and the parish, he also gave an explanation of the icons, after which the group had the chance to pray and sing hymns. Finally, the group travelled to the Warrendale Community Church. The church admin, Jesica, explained the history of the church and gave a brief tour of the facilities, where the group also had the apportioning to raise prayers to God.  After these neighborly adventures, it was time for a Fellowship meal at the Lillian Arakelian Hall.