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Our committees play an important role at St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church. It is through the volunteer  efforts of these committees that our church is able to survive financially, socially, and as a community. Following are the committees that serve our church.


Building/sanctuary. Identifies the necessary projects and building upgrades. Provides proposals and financial estimates to the Board of Trustees.

Investment. Reviews the investment policy and makes suggestions to the Board of Trustees for investment strategies.

Armenian Genocide Commemoration. Represents St.  Sarkis church on the Armenian Churches of Greater Detroit united  committee for Genocide commemoration activities.

Family Worship. Works with the Board of Trustees to organize the special bilingual service and social family night.

Graduates. Organizes the annual event that honors the graduates of our community.

Grape Blessing Picnic. Organizes the annual picnic that celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in August.

Golf  and Tennis Classic. Organizes the golf and tennis outing, which has become one of the major fundraisers of the church.

Anniversary. Organizes our church anniversary celebration, which typically takes place in October. 

Charity  Poker. Works with the state gaming commission and solicits volunteers to work at a third-party gaming facility. These events raise thousands of dollars annually, which come from outside sources.

Bazaar. Organizes the annual church bazaar, which typically occurs during the first weekend of November. Works with the Ladies Guild, Board of Trustees, and other subcommittees to ensure the financial success of the event. Another major fundraiser for the church. 

Illuminator. Writes, edits, and works with church and community organizations to create the quarterly publication called The  Illuminator. 


 To volunteer on any of these committees,  please contact the church office. Many thanks to  all of our volunteers, big or small.

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