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Be mindful of the fact that baptismal ceremonies can be performed on any day of the week throughout the entire calendar year.

  1. Call the church office (Monday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) to secure a date for your baptism. At least 6 weeks in advance.
  2. The church secretary will mail you a questionnaire concerning the data to be entered into the baptismal record, time permitting. If there is not enough time to return the baptism data sheet by mail, please be prepared to give all information over the phone. All baptismal information should be written exactly the way you want the baptismal certificate to read (first name, middle name, etc.). You can also complete the online baptismal form and submit. Please note, baptismal records are legal documents and information regarding dates and places must be correct and complete.
  3. If you wish the have Armenian names recorded on your certificate, please specify.
  4. The godfather of the child should be baptized and raised in the Armenian Church. If you have any questions, you can call the church office and consult with the Pastor.
  5. There should be at least one meeting with the Pastor, parents of the child and the godfather, prior to the baptismal service.

Fees for the Christening service must be paid to the Church office 1 (one) week prior to the scheduled date. Checks should be made out to “St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church”.

Prelacy Certificate$50$50
Sargavak (Deacon)$100$100

It is an Armenian custom that an honorarium for the Pastor is made after the service. This honorarium can be made directly to the Pastor after the service is performed.

* Note: Both parents of the child must be good standing dues paying members of St. Sarkis Church. If you have any questions, please call the church office.

What a Godfather must know

The godfather in an Armenian Church must renounce Satan and then profess the Baptismal Creed:

The Renunciation

We renounce Satan and his every deceit, his wiles, his deliberations, his course, his evil angels, his evil ministers, his evil agents, and his every power renouncing, we renounce.

The Baptismal Creed

We believe in the All Holy Trinity, in the Father, and in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Annunciation of Gabriel, in the Nativity of Christ, in His Baptism, in His Passion, in His Crucifixion, in His three-day Entombment, in His Resurrection, in His Ascension, in His sitting at the right hand of the Father and His awesome and glorious Second Coming, we confess and believe.

And at the Baptismal Font, when the priest asks the godfather, “What is the request of this child?”, the godfather must answer, in clear and loud voice:

Faith, Hope, Love and Baptism. To be baptized and justified; to be cleansed of sins; to be freed from demons and to serve God (trice).

Important Facts About Baptism
  • Baptism is the most important and essential Sacrament of the Church. Through baptism, the newborn child is saved from sins, enters the New Covenant and becomes a full member of the Church. In the Armenian Tradition the Baptism takes place within 40 days to six months after the child’s birth.


  • The Godfather is the person who brings the newborn child into the fellowship of the Church. Therfore it is essential that the godfather be a member of the Church, believes in the faith of the church and is ready to teach his godchild the teachings of the Church.

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