Saint Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church
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Bazaar - Saint Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church

This annual event brings real fun and dining pleasure for the St. Sarkis parishioners and their guests. The occasion is usually held the first weekend in November and features lavish dinners, Armenian pastries, country store (including bastourma, kata, bourma, basdekh, paklava, soujoukh, Armenian coffee, halva, Armenian jellies and etc…), gift shop, children’s games, raffles, Attic Treasure, etc.

The Ladies Guild and many dedicated non-member volunteers, get together once a week starting in April and have bake sessions all the way into the end of October, preparing the pastries and the other delicacies. After the pastries are baked they are securely wrapped in air tight containers and frozen until the big November weekend. On the opening day of the bazaar, people line-up to purchase the delicacies to take them home to their families. The bazaar is a fun weekend for our parishioners and guests and everyone looks forward to the event.

Look for future information on the annual bazaar on this web page. 

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